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1x5 Asymmetrical splitters for FTTH network
May 12, 2014

Fibrain company as the unquestionable leader in FTTH solutions on the Polish market, introduced innovative asymmetric optical splitters, which facilitate construction of FTTH networks in family buildings.
As is it known, almost all PL splitters, available on the market, are symmetric splitters (for the division of optical power) These splitters are excellent for multi-family buildings where several subscribers are connected to the same distribution point in one building. This is a typical star network.



In the area where there are not many buildings, big distribution points are not cost-effective. Then, start network are often designed, where local distribution points are used to connect a few subscribers (home buildings).  So far, operators were constructing the star network with 1x2 non-symmetric and 1x4 symmetric splitters, where they had to use extra splice and the whole solution was a lot more expensive.  Innovative 1x5 Fibrain asymmetric splitters are new solution to be used in star network, where port 1-is an output port, whereas ports 2-5- are local ports