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FIBRAIN Webinar - Interoperability in GPON networks!
August 19, 2020

Find the answers to all questions you may have about Interoperability in GPON networks!
Next editions of FIBRAIN Webinars are coming!

Do you seek for information about GPON networks? Perfect time to learn more about this issue as we are organizing another Webinar - Interoperability in GPON networks!  Join our live webinar on September 9th at 3 pm.

This webinar will include the following topics:
> Standards overview
> Interoperability initiative overview
> ONT models (SFU/HGU)
> VEIP overview
> Provisioning in unbundle solution
> Migration strategy
> What future will bring (Interoperability in XGS-PON)

Register now and take part in our webinar!
More information and registration details you can find here -> https://events.fibrain.com/interoperability-in-gpon-networks-09-09-2020/