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Video Inspection Scope - ODM VIS300 and VIS400
January 22, 2014

With great pleasure we would like to inform that video-microscope to inspect fiber connections is now available in our product portfolio. These microscopes are produced by ODM - renowned American company. 
Together with the continuous popularization of fiber optic technologies and higher awareness of operators, installers and technicians, video-inspection microscopes are becoming increasingly popular. With the use of a microscope we can easily check and verify the quality of the connector, whether it is scratched or dirty. It is estimated that 70% of all problems in optical networks are caused by poor quality of connectors.

Therefore, to meet or even exceed needs of our customers, we introduce ODM video-microscopes:

1. ODM VIS300 - Analog probe with replaceable tips, available in 3 options:

a. VIS300 tip-of-SND USB adapter to connect to your computer. Includes 4 tips: female universal 2.5mm, female universal 1.25mm, male SC PC and male LC PC.
b. VIS300-KIT - probe with LCD 3.5'', with the same set of tips.
c. VIS300-KIT-USB - as above, and additionally a USB port to connect to a computer and run the analysis software.

2. ODM VIS400 - high-resolution digital USB probe  tto be directly attached to your computer. The same set of tips as standard (i.e. female universal 2.5mm, female universal 1.25mm, male SC PC and male LC PC), fully automatic software for analysis, compliant with IEC 61300-3-35.




Among many advantages of the ODM video-microscope we present the following ones:

1. Long warranty period

2. Large field of view to ensure the ability to clean the entire ferrule

3. Unique Focus

4. Extensive capabilities to generate automatic reports

5. Long battery life

6. Low price of accessories (extra tips, USB converter, etc.)

7. Excellent value for money.


To get further information please contact our Sales Department.