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News coming! New product series!
February 27, 2014

News coming! We are very pleased to announce that in the near future our product range will be expanded with a new product series , called SECURE series.

What will be in the new series with mysterious designation Secure?

This series will include, among other things, product from Secure Level 2 series, which  uses LC connectors and adapters equipped with mechanical networks security for organizations wanting to protect networks due to privacy or security concerns. LC connectors and adapters from Secure LvL 2 series are available in 12 colors, and what is more important connectors and adapters are formed integrally. This mean that we can't connect connector and adapter in different color - each LC Secure Level 2 connector can be mate only with same-color LC Secure Level 2 adapter. The most important thing is that the keying detail inside the connectors and adapters is totally tamper-proof and can not be re-produced inside a standard LC connectors or adapters.




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