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FIBRAIN and Varioedge will build the first 5G network in Poland!
July 8, 2019

On 5th July in Rzeszów, FIBRAIN and Varioedge together with EXATEL company and the authorities of Rzeszów city signed a letter of intent for building the first 5G network in Poland!

Unquestionably, this will be a groundbreaking investment for Rzeszów city - the capital of innovation. One of its components will be an autonomous bus. But this is only the beginning. Next steps include e.g. autonomous drones monitoring the safety of citizens, the high-speed Internet access in public transportation systems, the augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality for residents or tourists. 

Marcin Słowik, Member of the FIBRAIN Board said that 5G is not only the high-speed Internet and unlimited access to its resources. 5G network is an ecosystem in which the actors will be various devices, whose existence it is hard to imagine now. It is said that from 2022 the network will include more than 50 billion devices, and each household will have about 500 devices. They will continuously monitor, track, analyze and optimize our daily activities. This ecosystem will revolutionize not only such mundane matters as administration, or taxes, but will contribute to a significant improvement in quality of life through services such as e-health and life safety due to the possibility of eliminating man from dangerous places. A long time ago 5G network was called a revolution, some even compare it to the invention of the font by Johannes Gutenberg in 1440. I am glad that the first 5G network in Poland will be created in  Rzeszów - the capital of innovation.