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FIBRAIN has implemented GPON and XGS-PON modular solutions for building the Metropolitan Area Network in Rzeszów
July 8, 2020

This is the first such implementation in Poland and one of the first in Europe. Until now, the interest in PON technologies has been focused on operators. The City Council states that PON technology will give the city more savings when building urban fibre networks while maintaining high flexibility. Undoubtedly, PON technology is developing extremely dynamically and speeds of 25G-PON or 50g-PON with the support of large splits up to 1: 256 already appear on the horizon. This allows the city to use present and newly-built fibre optic networks without bearing high costs. The possibility of using asymmetric splitters and building the network in a bus topology gives the freedom and ability to react quickly for the city needs.

The Metropolitan Area Network in Rzeszów provides a platform for the implementation of various strategic and EU-funded projects from the area of Smart City, including:

Innovative education - main objectives of this project aim at improving conditions and methods of teaching and studying for students and teachers by introducing modern IT solutions in all schools in Rzeszów. As one of the first cities in Poland, Rzeszów is prepared for a comprehensive e-learning.  

- Multi-stage ResMAN project - within this project 161 organizational units of the public administration (including kindergartens, nurseries) residential service points, have access to secure intranets, VoIP telephony, internal management systems, and e-services. E-services that have been recently implemented including registration to schools and kindergartens, electronic class register, budget planning with the e-accounting, and e-school secretary’s office in educational facilities should make managing education system more comprehensive.

- RIST project - intelligent transport system which provides a wireless network for the exchange of data between the area system of traffic lights (70 intersections), the passenger information system at bus stops (210 stops), and the e-ticket system. It also provides the control of street signs of variable content, ticket-charging machines, weather information. The network guarantees continuous access to 200 public buses, collect data from the installations in the buses, monitor the passenger load, provides information to the traffic light-signalling system for the smooth movement at crossings (the so-called green wave).

Urban digital monitoring system - comprising more than 400 HD cameras deployed all over the city. 

It was created as a result of building the Metropolitan Area Network for Rzeszów in the form of poles, fiber optic core, or redundant data processing centres, is prepared to implement the new technology - the 5G network - the most modern tool for the SMART CITY and its rapid development.

Below, you can also watch a short video with English subtitles.