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World Earth Day!
April 22, 2020

Did you know that a fleece sweatshirt can be made from 35 plastic bottles?

On 22nd April, hundreds of millions of people worldwide celebrate the Earth Day. The idea of caring for our planet brings people together, regardless of  nationality, religion, profession, age or other cultural aspects. Everyone can help the environment by limiting and preventing the generation of plastic waste.
FIBRAIN is also actively involved in promoting environmentally friendly behaviour. Thanks to our actions we have managed to save raw materials from which plastic (petroleum derivatives) and energy are made.
Within 1 year only - in 2019 FIBRAIN employees used 174 000 waste bottles which were recycled. It is incredible that from this amount of plastic bottles almost 5000 fleece sweatshirts can be made! If we hadn’t recycled these PET bottles, they would have gone to the incineration plant or on a landfill site, where could have decomposed after 500 years! Can you imagine that?

Together we can do so much!